The site "" provides access to the secrets of Françoise allowing to obtain the journey diary and receive the confidential address of a local contact and much more information that she has collected during her own travels...

How it works in 6 steps :

1 -    See my travelogues on line

2 -    Select a destination

3 -    Create your account to buy the good deal and access to my secrets

4 -    Fill out the form to get the secret address and the journey diary

5 -    Payment by secured payment

6 -    Get immediately all the details for the selected country

Who does what? 

The website

-    Payment process according to the conditions outlined below

-    Submit all details and information by email upon receipt of payment

The local contact (for direct booking with the user)

-    First, contact will be made directly with the local contact who commits to reply as soon as possible to arrange the tailor-made trip

-    Once your travel program is validated, your order will be registered and the agency will send you an invoice to save your commitment.

-    MOST: The payment of the journey is paid to the local contact with interesting terms of payment that I got. For information: for most, 30% deposit and the balance to be paid locally, the day of arrival (read cancellation policy).

Rate  (opening offer) :

Cost of the travelogue (based on 1 or 2 persons): € 70 TTC per travel [including taxes and a donation of € 5. - for the two associations]

-    Free for children less than 12 years

-    Extra people:€ 30 TTC

            I agree to pay the associations € 5 per journey

Terms and Conditions:

* Max participants: 5
(for more, contact me)

* All travelers at the trip must be well indicated on the registration form to be taken into account by the local contact.


Summary information to receive  :

Once payment is registered, you will receive immediately an email (copy to the local contact) with:

-    your personal code valid for the destination (to be mentioned in your mail exchanges)

-    the full address of the local contact

-    the respective travel diary, including all useful information : good addresses, visits, practical information (pdf format).

Zanzibar, Tanzanie

Nothing but its name has its share of mystery and evokes many stories of...
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Le bon plan pour cet hiver : un voyage pas cher en Chine, sur mesure et de qualité... oui, c'est possible avec mon partenaire à Pékin, Pierre, qui propose ce voyage individuel 7 jours/6 nuits, avec guide et chauffeur rien que pour vous, à partir de 394 euros/par personne.
Départs les 07 fév, 3 ou 17 mars. Pour connaître l'itinéraire détaillé, me contacter.

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