Frequently asked questions

- Is the site right for me?
- What means book online?
- What is the advantage of tailor-made trip?
- Why not find there not more destinations on your site?
- Can there be get differences in price?
- What about insurance?
- Passport and / or visas?
- How to choose your travel dates?
- How can I be informed of security in the world before deciding where to go?
- Where can I get detailed maps of the country?

Is the site right for me?

Yes, if you are looking for an offer \\\"customized\\\" cheaper because I share my personal experiences. Yes, if you do not have the time or if you do not try because you will lose among all bids and in discussion forums. Yes if you want to save money. Yes, because I tested all trips posted on the site and consequently the services of local agencies.
Yes, because I gathered the good addresses and information from my personal trips! Yes, if you want to enjoy my experience!

What means book online?

You do not have the means to plan your trip. You are in direct contact with a local agency for the destination you have chosen. Depending on your needs and expectations, it will be a trip that suits you, custom, original (auto, bicycle, hiking, motorcycles, boats, horses ...) and a preferential rate. Indeed, direct booking guarantees a considerable saving when you see prices that are practiced usually!

What is the advantage of tailor-made trip?

It is a trip tailored to your wishes. The formula is flexible; you do not have the drawbacks of a group. You are autonomous in making your trip while having a schedule to follow. If you wish, the local contact will identify for you the hotels of charm, he can arrange activities such as a flight of the Himalayas in helicopter or horseback ride in Wadi Rum in Jordan, and will facilitate trade with the inhabitants. This often includes a local guide and a personal driver, and is of course to discover a country rhythm and a more authentic. Beware, some organizations offer false customized proposals because their routes are fixed and cannot be changed according to your desires.

Why not find there not more destinations on your site?

In fact, you will find only countries that have tested and where I found a special contact for my vacation that matches my expectations, my needs and my values. I\'m going to focus on as and to add other destinations after future trips, besides, I count on you to VOTE (return to home page). All travels online are my own personal experiences.

Can there be get differences in price?

The cost of my travels is that I paid at time of travel, but the benefits may vary depending on availability and / or your personal choice. Of course, prices are subject to variations due to changes (check the price with the converter to convert dollars into Euros Alternatively, the price of some travel may increase or decrease depending on the period high and low season. The cost of your trip can also be cheaper or higher depending on the number of days, the number of persons, the category of accommodation, activities chosen, etc...In any case, you will receive like me very good prices, since no middlemen. On each trip, always for reasons of economy, I establish quotations for the same routes as me to compare what is legitimate! Here are some examples ...
Argentina -in my trip had cost me €2,292, excluding international flights. The estimate announced €3,480.
-in China I paid €1200, €2358 announced the quote,
- Or India, the cost was €985, quotation was 2020 ...

What about insurance?

Local agencies are insured for their services, check with them or on their website the terms. But it is essential take out personal insurance (see BEFORE LEAVING, in the country profile).

Passport and / or visas?

It is important to check your passport before you leave to ensure its validity covers a minimum period of six months after the end of his stay abroad. Also make sure you have enough blank pages in your passport to allow printing of visas.

How to choose your travel dates?

You will find on each product description in PRACTICAL INFORMATION periods and in the recommended category BEFORE LEAVING. You can also check and

How can I be informed of security in the world before deciding where to go?

Regarding weather conditions, floods or other times to avoid check for your trip, particularly during the monsoon. For example, each year in July and August, some regions of China, Pakistan, India, Nepal and the countries of Southeast Asia are concerned. Ask for situation neighboring countries. In the U.S., the period of tornadoes in several states and later from August are the hurricanes in the Caribbean. But we are not immune to the consequences of a volcano erupting in Iceland as recently or a heat wave with fire in Russia. You can also get information on the site

Where can I get detailed maps of the country?

In the country sheet, ROUTE menu, and also more broadly on the site

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