France, my country is very beautiful, but time to time it feels good to nourish oneself with the world's diversity by travelling.

I discovered this passion when I was a teenager during my travel to Italy, a country which I particularly like. Soon, I also have got a passion for photography and I am now part of a photographers’ club http://photo.surlevif.free.fr/.

Ever since, a long side my life as mum and with a challenging work, I have been travelling around the five continents visiting places in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, and recently Asia. I still have so much to visit... and learn.

Indeed, what characterizes me the most, besides the energy I have to offer, is to enjoy discovering differences, learning about new cultures, meeting people and communicating.

Like many, I did package tours in all inclusive clubs, but I have also tried real “backpack adventures” and, more recently, individual journeys which are, I confess, my favorite. I have become a fan of custom-made trips. I only prepare my vacations myself directly with local agencies which I selected.

Thus, the idea was born to share my travel success stories, my good addresses and information in the countries, to benefit from the best selections and prices.

After a career in human resources, including 25 years in a large French group for cosmetics, I have created my own web-business with this site.
It's now or never ... and isn’t devoting oneself to one’s passions the best you can dream of!

These contacts from all over the world are like friends and I would also modestly like to support them.
Furthermore, € 5 of your payment will directly be donated to two organizations which educate children in Nepal and South Africa. I am indeed very keen to ensure that help is provided to these children in need.

In order to get to know more about my travel secrets better, I invite you discover the destinations I have already tested for my vacation and the various testimonials from customers who have taken advantage of my experiences.

Want to travel differently? Just do it, with messecretsdevoyage.com !


Françoise TORTIGET

Zanzibar, Tanzanie

Nothing but its name has its share of mystery and evokes many stories of...
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Le bon plan pour cet hiver : un voyage pas cher en Chine, sur mesure et de qualité... oui, c'est possible avec mon partenaire à Pékin, Pierre, qui propose ce voyage individuel 7 jours/6 nuits, avec guide et chauffeur rien que pour vous, à partir de 394 euros/par personne.
Départs les 07 fév, 3 ou 17 mars. Pour connaître l'itinéraire détaillé, me contacter.

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