Zanzibar, Tanzanie

Nothing but its name has its share of mystery and evokes many stories of sultans, harems and gemstones. Former capital of the Sultanate of Oman, it has been famous for its shops of slaves and ivory, its plantations, which made the value of this counter in the 19th century.
At that time, the island also became a point of departure for the famous expeditions led by Dr. David Livingstone, Sir Henry Stanley and John Speke, whose purpose is to find the source of the Nile. Livingstone has played a significant role for the abolition of bargaining with African slaves on Zanzibar ... which is actually reached in 1897 on the island ...

Over time, Zanzibar became the Spice Island. The clove was introduced by British and French botanists who wanted to break the monopoly Holland, and today the island is a leading global producer of cloves. Other spices have been introduced gradually as pepper, ginseng, cumin and cinnamon.
Zanzibar, pearl of the Indian Ocean, is an exotic and mythical. Its beautiful beaches, crystal clear warm waters whose colors vary from emerald green to turquoise blue, his exceptional marine life and rich culture make it a veritable paradise side of the world

Zanzibar has also run much ink and titillated the imagination of many writers, having attracted traders and explorers from all continents. In "Five Weeks in a Balloon, Jules Verne chose it as a starting point of his journey across Africa. Rimbaud, Kessel, Conrad, Cendrars dream without ever seeing it ...
Did you know, it is also the island where a singer is born ... well known ...

... to discover on my secrets of my travel, and all other information about Stone Town, Zanzibar's old town !


Zanzibar, Tanzanie

Nothing but its name has its share of mystery and evokes many stories of...
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